Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic

The new branch of Nokia Xpressmusic is now out with price ranging from $350 to $392 for the unlocked one. After N series popularity, this is the phone that will become the next trendy and stylish model by Nokia Company with stylus feature with a touch screen to use on.

The phone has 3.2" touch screen with amazing resolution of 640 x 360 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The nokia xpress music comes with multi input method that gives you an easy and effortless access to type your content with your own designed style, the first one can be so simple by your thumb which is a normal way to press buttons and writing text, secondly it also allows you to write with two hands by holding the phone with different angle, thirdly you can use plectrum stylus which already came with this phone in the category of "what comes in the box" and use it by holding it with one hand but its a little bit speedy as compare with using the keypad with your own thumb, fourthly you can also have a pen stylus which becomes very easy and convenient for the users to navigate and browse through out the phone. This handset also have built-in handwriting recognition software through which you can write anything on the screen area provided for writing and that software will recognize your writing and gives you your content in the better font, no matter the way you write the material.

The nokia 5800 has a one touch access feature of media bar and quick access to music and media. You can watch your favorite clips or videos directly from your cell phone by adding videos to your mobile by software or also you can download directly with the WAP feature which gives great speedy internet facility for accessing website with only a slight touch. You can also have your hit audio albums within a minute by adding them as a play list from external sources like Bluetooth sharing or USB cable because this mobile phone gives you initial memory space of 8GB and also an extra feature of a memory card slot with which you can extend your space for adding more great stuff into your mobile phone.

This camera phone has a 3.2 mega pixel camera with equipped with auto focus Carl Zeiss lens and LED flash which gives clarity at its best and you can take the best shoots out of it. Other features including sharing contact bar and view shared communication, sharing on the web, VGA quality recording, Wi-Fi connectivity, HSDPA (North America), GPS Navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and S60 5th Edition operating system cannot forget also. With this all the age mobile phone having desired features one need in his cellphone everyone becomes the fan of this handset.


Andrea said...

this is a very nice phone..very trendy and also very convenient, could be a phone as well as an everyday schedule keeper..and good memory space and extra memory card slots. the screen is also big enough to see clearly....and press buttons and easy to maneuver. VERY NICE PHONE

Anonymous said...

I think big change from nokia and may be crete problem for ipod

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

Caice said...

good phone but not so much..

Caice said...

may b it would b good phone ... :)

Anonymous said...

very nice phone. i think this the era of touch screen mobile to innovate new model launch in market to exceed high standard level.Better chance for gracious costumer to deal this extraordionary mobile.

Adeel said...

i love this phone and thinking to change my phone with this one, so waiting for launch in pakistan :)

Malc said...

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