Saturday, October 18, 2008

T-Mobile G1 Smart phone

T-Mobile G1 is another great innovation that partnered with Google services will strike UK on 30th October, 2008. G1 will only be available in black and white color and can be a free phone for you for just 40 pounds monthly contract. T-mobile associated with Google announced this international launch powered with world's first android system mobile phone as it gives chance to the expert developers from all over the entire globe to experience their new exciting application with this model.

The android market developed by Google allows G1 users to use the Google services such as Google search, Google maps, Google calendar, Google mail, you tube and on the move shopping, even with this Google market you can also update yourself that which application is recently added and which one is on the popularity list by the user comment and top ratings.

The features for t-mobile g1 Google phone includes touch screen with which you can feel the real experience of touch screen system, also real web ability gives you access to your require stuff on your handset and enjoying fast internet speed is one stroke away. This phone has 3 mega pixel camera that will capture and delivers you your whole life stored in it when you required. This cell phone is also equipped with QWERTY keyboard that gives you the complete feelings of your laptop and you never feel that you are away from your laptop even you are on traveling. With this keyboard feature now you can text as fast as you chat on your desktop personal computers.

There is another great feature hide in this phone is its sliding feature and it slide from this left to right side and always save you from unintentional dialing because slider covers your keypad while your phone is in your pocket and you feel free to move, sit and stand with having any fear of making calls intended. The another great option is its memory slot and this phone comes with built-in 1GB memory that is enough to have your favorite ring tones, music, videos and other documents which is very useful for you when you are away from your office or home.

Other special features those are an additional power items for this handset such as 3G network, Wi-Fi access, one-click Google search and many others that complete you and your lifestyle.


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