Friday, April 3, 2009

HTC Magic

Slim and sleek device with 3.2 mega pixel camera is the new Magic by HTC. The display screen is pretty bigger in size but this is not a new story as all the previous models by HTC came in the same screen version. HTC Magic came in pure white color and adds a grace to your personality especially to the business class while holding it in your hands. This phone was announced in February 2009 and expected release in April 2009.

The phone got a trackball and some hardware keys on the main to get the phone on working condition and after a click you will get the full access to the phone and its inside features. You will get three main screen windows and they are totally customizable, you can the windows according to your needs and requirement and hide the unnecessary items and you can also add useful gadgets and applications on each of your three main windows.

HTC Magic is an android phone and has a Wi-Fi technology that gives pretty fast internet speed. The scrolling and zooming within page is also very quick and fast and you will definitely find it useful for accessing your online application with no time span. The phone also comes with Bluetooth technology, MicroSD card slot, hand-recognition software, accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate and many more.

One of the unique features of this android device is its onscreen keyboard and the keys are very clear and convenient for writing purposes. The phone is totally
Based on Touchscreen system and am afraid to write about this huge multi-function device that stylus or any other navigational instrument for browsing phone functions is not available with the phone and you have to use your hands and finger tips to access applications and simple browsing.

The handset also equipped with preloaded GPS maps so you can easily access your locations and navigate your way while you are on travel. Its not wonder why the manufacturer named it magic because it has many functions and features to use that it feels like someone spell a magic and this phone comes into existence. The home screen of htc magic has a navigational bar that gives alerts and informs about the current status of the phone like your incoming messages, missed call alerts and voice mails etc.

The cell phone has a very smart, sleek and fast interface that gives quick results on every click you made. You can also have an option to change the background image to your favorite one and some of them are preloaded in the phone so you can have them anytime if you get bore having the same one. As this phone is expected to be released in April 2009 so the price is not revealed yet but will update on the price the time I get the information.

Monday, March 30, 2009

AT&T QuickFire

A phone with a giant screen can only be seen in china made cell phones but recently at t wireless came up with something that is really admirable because it has a big display Touchscreen and is known as AT&T Quickfire designed by UTstarcomm. This phone looks like a complete package for a messaging as it has a spacey QWERTY keyboard for text messaging, emailing etc. Right after the display screen you will see three hardware buttons, a send key, a menu application switcher key and an end key. Menu application key is used for accessing the main menu for further exploring the inner application of the phone.

The time you open the slider for qwerty keyboard and the way you work with text messaging and email messaging, you will definitely get the feeling of holding Motorola SideKick Slide as it is also has same looks. On the main interface of the at and t mobile you will get some Touchscreen buttons that will take you directly to the interface they are fixed for, the buttons are always be there on the main screen and they are for the main menu, dial pad, music player and accessing phone contacts.

In overall exterior of the quickfire phone, the display screen is the prominent one that attracts the user and thinks about having this phone right away, as you get some keys on the main screen and menu screen, you will also see some on the left hand side that is a volume toggle key but nothing along with the bottom. On the right and side of the handset you will see a dedicated camera button as well as a voice command key, on the top roof you will get a covered hatch and after removing the hatch you will get two ports for memory card slot and the phone charging and lastly on the back you will see only a 1.3 mega pixel camera there.

As you slide up the slider the phone automatically get the messaging interface for you and that is very awesome one to access directly the application you are going for. You can go for text messaging, email, instant messaging, address book etc. The keys on the QWERTY keyboard are really comfortable, truly responsive and considering the best messaging device at and t cell phones ever released.

AT&T Quickfire was released in the fourth quarter of year 2008 and is available in almost all the online stores, you can also have the quickfire accessories online, the best place to have your accessories collection is, the most reliable source of providing online electronic stuff so far. The price of at&t quickfire is $99.99 on a two year contract.

Motorola Stature I9

The slim and sleek phone is said to be out and is Motorola Stature I9. Motorola stature i9 is announced in February 2nd 2009 and soon will be available in the market. This phone has a 3.1 mega pixel camera and uses iDEN boost network. This handset is a clamshell phone with a sleek look and has a thickness like a coin. The main features includes the dual display option, Touchscreen keypad and D-pad, Bluetooth, memory card slot, camera auto focus, flash etc.

The dual display of the phone allows you to use the phone without opening the flip, you can use almost complete features of the phone from outside the flip whether it is playing music or using the camera feature. On the opening the flipper you will get the Touchscreen keypad and d-pad which gives a shiny look and add more grace to the phone. The outer side of the phone gives 2 inches display screen control by a button on one of its sides.

While checking out the entire cell phone interior you will get some shortcut keys on the left hand side of the phone including speaker phone key, push to talk key and volume controller key, nothing concerned with the bottom part, right hand side have some more keys including dedicated camera button along with switch lock and switcher or On and Off button on the top of the body.

Working with the phone without pulling up the flipper will give another exciting experience with some features like you can use your music player and controlling every next track with Touchscreen buttons, Camera option can also be use without opening the phone and enlightened some more keys for camera option, the prominent are flash key that makes flash light kick off, camera switcher that makes the camera switch to video mode and can get back to picture mode upon the hitting the same button again and zoom in and out button.

Opening the flip will gives a same feelings like holding a Blackberry Pearl Flipper at a first glance but blackberry flipper is much heavier than this moto phone but it looks seems like inspired by pearl flip phone. You can customize your phone in a way to access its shortcut keys in your own way, the four directional keys on the d-pad have already assigned shortcut keys but you can also change them according to your own need.

This sleek and slim phone by Nextel is available on different online stores at the price of $399.99 without any contract but still there is an option to get this phone with a 2-years contract with affordable price.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Samsung i770 Saga

You heard about saga cruises, but a phone with a length is a new Samsung Saga by Verizon. Samsung Saga is announced on November, 2008 and was available on the same month November, 2008 and now still ruling the cellular market. You can call by different names as it is a QWERTY keyboard phone, a Touchscreen phone, a 3G phone. Features including 2 MP camera, 1600x1200 pixels with video calling option, Bluetooth, 3G 802.11 Wi-Fi, Stylus, Opera Mobile Preinstalled, Windows Mobile and many other. It seems that this phone is a complete package for the business class as it gives overall satisfaction guaranteed.

Samsung saga appeared to be a full fledged phone like other samsung mobile phones but with a little bit length but comparing this with its feature makes it completing ignorable. It has a switch off button on the top of the handset along with 2.5mm headset jack. On the left you will find a volume controller button and a lock switch, there is nothing for the bottom side but you will get a camera button on the right hand side of the phone and up to this there is charger jack or you can also use it as data cable jack. Take your Saga on saga holidays.

Verizon packed so many thing for the user in the box, first of all you will get the handset itself, there will be a data cable, wall charger with three kinds of plug (you will definitely get the full information about three plugs added in the box); there will be an Australian power plug adapter, European power plug adapter and a UK power plug adapter, you will also get manuals with three CDs for different user purposes (also get the information about the CDs in the manuals).

Opera browser is preinstalled for opera lovers on this samsung phone. This phone is really gives you home based desktop look and rarely remind you that you are working on a cell phone as there will be proper mouse pad controller the mouse cursor moving on the screen, one thing that you can also customize your cursor with preloaded cursors of your choice. You will also get some shortcut keys on your qwerty keyboard for Music, Silent Mode and messaging which is quite nice and easy to access these application in much quicker time.

This phone is a bit in length as compare to other PDA or window mobiles but it also fits in your pocket and it’s already fully tested, person wearing jeans can easily put the cellular in his pocket. This phone is available currently in almost all the reliable online stores. The price of this phone is around $449.99 without any contract but if you want to be in contract then your price will be $269.99 with 2-yr contract.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sony Ericsson K850i

Changing with an alphabet, Sony Ericsson came up once again with 850i but this time it got the K alphabet. Sony Ericsson K850i announced on June, 2007 and released on October, 2007. This phone has not got any trackball or track pad like older models by sony ericsson but have three sensitive touch screen buttons on the first row of buttons.

You can get this high end phone in Blue, Black and Green color. You will get a home charger, data cable, phone headset, a guidance CD and phone manuals in the box. Features includes 5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, autofocus, xenon flash and 3LED video light, auto lens cover, built-in 512MB memory and 40MB internal memory, Bluetooth, EDGE, HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps and Stereo FM radio. The phone gives up to 350h of standby and 3h and 30min of talk time.

This handset is not a slider phone at all this time and thanks to Sony Ericsson otherwise every phone by SE is coming in slider form but this time this is free of this. The phone has a glossy skin and this is actually bad in some situation especially when your kids are around touching your phone with their wet or dirty hands and your phone skin really get the finger prints, so you have to be careful for this. Sony Ericsson phones are really special for their music and sound quality, we cannot call this handset a music phone but I am sure that the music and sound quality will definitely make other models step a side.

One thing is always stick with the sony ericsson phones and that is the main screen or main menu, they always stick with same style and really without of option of customizing phone like nokia and other brands. User can only change the status for shortcuts on the main left and right side of the screen to get their own specially or favorite applications on the main like Camera, Bluetooth or anything useful application but no access for changing the main screen style and this is the only main drawback that I can mention here.

You can buy this phone easily on the internet stores but everyone is looking for some hot deals or to buy this handsome phone in some affordable price so the best place I can choose is to visit, they are usually special for their phone accessories but have got some hot deals on phones too. Grab your piece of Sony Ericsson 850i but remember this time with the K alphabet.

Friday, March 13, 2009

LG Versa

LG Versa is the brand new phone by LG and is it available at the verizon wireless com retail stores and online website on 1st March 2009. This phone comes with an external QWERTY keyboard that can attach or detach anytime, having a 2 mega pixel camera on the back with Flash and speaker next to it. At the first glance versa by lg feels like LG Dare and is a touch screen phone with almost new features and can call it an upgrade version of lg dare and surely becomes makes it a complete business phone system.

The phone have three buttons on the main; one for receiving calls, second for end calls and the middle one is for activating voice command option. On the left side you will find a 2.5mm headset jack along with camera button, volume increase/decrease button and a micro custom usb port. There is nothing with the bottom, on the right you will get memory card slot and on the top there is a locking key.

The phone has a 3MP camera with flash on the back side of the phone; it’s also a speaker phone with voice command option. The most prominent part of this handset is its attachable qwerty keyboard, all you need to do is to remove the battery door from the back and add the keyboard hatch to the phone and phone is ready is the onscreen keyboard. This makes LG Versa a good mobile messaging phone, no doubt after attachment of keyboard the phone becomes unbalance and feels a little bit odd.

The attachable plastic cover gives the phone a leather casing and also gives it outer screen display with two hardware buttons for receive and end calls. The big disadvantage of this you might feel when you are on the call and the phone is attached with keyboard because its makes it difficult to hold the phone in a way to stick with the call for longer period and that is the odd part of this cell phone.

Other technical specification includes Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, MicroSD extendable up to 16GB, Speakerphone, Video messages, 2.5 mm headset jack, IM, Downloadable games, VZ Navigator-capable. This phone has 3.8 oz weight with 4.2x2.1x0.5 in Dimension. Organizer includes stopwatch, world clock, notepad, and drawing pad with character recognition, Voice commands. You can grab your Versa piece starting from 1st march at Verizon stores and online website, the price after a 2-year contract and $50 mail-in-rebate will be $200.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Motorola Surf A3100

After a huge success of MotoRAZR by Motorola, its back with a new Smartphone called Motorola MotoSurf A3100. Motosurf will be released in the first quarter of 2009 and will be available on the internet. Motosurf is a Touchscreen smartphone packed with a stylus to use it on the screen to browse applications, it also has a built-in QWERTY keyboard for writing text messages and its up to you if you want to use it or not, Stereo Bluetooth enabled, built-in GPS, 3.5mm headset jack, flash light, speaker phone and the most prominent feature is the camera with 3 mega pixel makes it Motorola’s great step towards launching smartphones.

MotoSurf has a curve shape with silver on the back and black on the front screen. It has a trackball and is considered to be the first smartphone technology phone with a trackball. You can use trackball to move all around and browse, navigate and do clicks with it, you can also use your finger tips and you also have a stylus option right attached with the motosurf on the top right corner. On the sides you have a volume increase/decrease button and on the top it has a 3.5mm headset jack.

Motorola Surf A3100 is a Windows mobile with version 6.1 and a friendly usage phone gives you all the best features you can set for your smart phone. This smartphone has a QWERTY keyboard but not physically present but available while writing text, you also have an option while writing to use with the onscreen spacious keyboard it or you can discard it anytime by pressing upper right corner key that gives you the normal writing pad.

On the back you will find a 3 mega pixel camera with LED flash right next to the camera. This Motorola handset is a fully customized phone giving you an option to customize your phone in a way you like, you can choose your favorites application icons on the main screen or usually people drag their useful or regular applications on the front as this keeps them accessing those application fast. No price word disclosed yet but will be available in Asia but chine will be first in the first quarter of 2009.

Friday, March 6, 2009

LG 3G TouchScreen Watch Phone

The fully functional 3G Watch phone is out by LG Company at CES 2009 in Canada. The LG watch by lg cellular is the world’s first 3G Touchscreen phone. The phone has a pure leather strap and one side has it all button for a workout with the phone. There are three buttons on the right side of the watch, the top one is for taking calls, the bottom one is for cancelling calls and the middle one is usually use for cancelling or removing text while writing something. The middle button gives another access to the user and that is if you hold the middle button, it will turn on the voice recognition feature.

The best part of the phone is making and receiving calls. Making calls from this watch phone will be a great and off course a new experience for the users using the boring style of daily use of normal mobile phones, it gives you a small screen of 61 x 39 x 13.9mm with the iPhone keypad style to dial a number with or you can easily activate the voice recognition feature to dial a number. When the voice recognition activation you will firstly say “Call” so the phone itself get the command and then at that you will say your desired number, the tape will play with guidance confirms the number from you and it will make a call for you.

Receiving calls on the watch phone is also a great feature, whenever you get a call, all you need to do is to press the accept button on the screen which activates itself whenever you get a call on your watch phone. The music on the watch phone is completely undeniable and gives you a complete satisfaction of having a full fledge phone.

The main screen of the watch phone gives you Dialing, Contacts, Tools, Music, Messaging and Settings options. There is a camera on the top of the screen basically for having video calls; it will show the picture of the caller you are talking with as well as your own picture is there at corner. The phone is Bluetooth enabled and also packed with Bluetooth headset, which is primary accessory for taking calls. On the back there is charging port but this time the phone comes with a different way of charging, it comes with a charging cradle on which you will put your phone for a charge and that’s we complete call our phone lg wireless. We cannot say that this phone is available in online stores as a cheap phone. The battery gives a Standby time of 247 hours which is quite impressive.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Updated Nokia 5800 Review

Nokia continues the story of launching great phones and this time with Nokia 5800: the music phone proved its power to have the ability to change the technology time by time and is also one of its magnificent mobile devices that have so many features with which one can definitely fulfill his needs. Nokia 5800 is also known as XpressMusic phone which gives the user the real meaning of music sensation, announced at the beginning of October, released in November and is a mid-range phone specially designed for music lover and the users who never wish to get out of music world. The main features this nokia 5800 possess are 3.2 mega pixel camera with auto focus Carl Zeiss lens and flash LED, running with edition 9.4 on symbian operating system, integrated GPS for easy navigation, Wi-Fi and memory card slot with built-in 8GB of storage space.

This handset provide the user a 3.2 inches wide screen with a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels that gives a taste of home theatre LCD, you can use multi angles to view the best picturization at your ease, also this handset allows you enter text or browsing experience with multi hands like it has a basic keypad, a stylus and a plectrum stylus with which you can have one touch access to your final destination within your mobile phone. With integrated GPS you can easily track your path with nokia’s own maps and finding way with this built-in GPS will never be the same again with this new nokia’s device. For a quick internet connectivity and faster browsing experience, Nokia also equipped Wi-Fi with this phone which gives fast access to internet without plugging any wires like the case with your PC and no matter where you stand on the globe. Other small features include Bluetooth connectivity, memory card slot which is also extendable, Handwriting Recognition, EDGE technology and USB cable.

You can buy your Nokia Xpressmusic at the most reliable and trustworthy online store for wireless devices. Also you can have the nokia 5800 in different unique colors of your choice and is available in three beautiful colors: Red, Blue and Black. Fm radio is also equipped with this phone for the users who really want them to be up to date with the latest information on the spot. The music section of this phone accepts almost all the audio formats and there is also an option to make a full album of your audio music and videos on the go. The price for this phone is ranging from $350 to $392 for the unlocked piece.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Nokia E63 Business SmartPhone

Yet another Nokia smart business device is E63 totally based on its previous E series version E71. The device is available in Ultramarine Blue and Ruby Red colors and has plastic body of 13mm. The nokia e63 was announced on November, 2008 and released on the very next month December, 2008. The only reason strike to my mind about the minimum difference of announcing and releasing date is the popularity of E series because it supports all the applications easily manageable and useful for business people. Features for this phone is almost same like nokia e71 such as QWERTY keyboard, MicroSD, 3G, Wi-Fi, Maps, Bluetooth etc. The only difference you can get in the camera of 2.0 mega pixel with LED flash and built-in ARM 11 369 MHz processor.

Unlike the Nokia E71, this E series handset has a headphone placement on the top of the phone body and designed like a plug that you have to pull it up and insert the headset into the jack The left side of the phone has a USB connector and a microSD card slot that gives you an option to increase your storage capacity up to 16GB. The bottom has nothing to mention except a port for charging the device with a Nokia original charger, the right side is totally empty. The back has a plastic cover body with a 2.0 mega pixel camera with LED flash lights, also allows you to do a video call, and also has a secure latch on the bottom for fixing and unfixing for phone battery.

The front facet of the device gives you the same feelings of nokia e71 with a nice glossy keyboard, a D-Pad for navigation, two soft keys for accepting and rejecting calls and four extra instantaneous one touch keys like Home, Calendar, Contacts and Email. The main screen of the phone has a same interface like E71 with all the instantaneous shortcut keys on the main. Comparing E63 with E71 you can clearly notice that e63 lacks the 3G internet speed and HSDPA download speed. E63 also lack the power off button on the top of the body unlike nokia e71 and in this case you have use the End Call button instead for power off and other features like changing profile put the phone on silence mode and lock the keypad etc but over all performance is good and act like totally designed for business class.


(1).Affordable price comparing with E71
(2).Plastic body cover prevent the finger touched spot unlike nokia e71
(3).Great speed ARM 369 MHz processor
(4).Nice looking glossy QWERTY keyboard.


(1).No Turn off Button on the top like nokia e71
(2).Low HSDPA downloads internet speed
(3).No GPS and FM Radio
(4).No USB cable added in the box.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nokia E71 Review

One of the super, slim and sexy smart phones is Nokia E71. It feels solid and has a stainless steel body with a nice screen of 320 x 240px with about 16700000 colors. This phone was announced on June, 2008 and released very soon on July, 2008. This really feels like totally a business device with a thin QWERTY keyboard that easy to use and manage your business applications. This nokia phone uses the S60 operating system pack 1. This slim device has a 3.2 mega pixel auto-focused lens camera with LED flash. The top of the body has a firing loud speaker; sides have microSD port, miniUSB jack and battery metal door openers at the end of both sides.

This phone is very popular because of its easy typing by this thinnest keyboard and you will find it one of the best nokia devices for this feature. The main screen of the phone gives you six instantaneous application options that you can choose by yourself that fits you much suitable and provide you an ease for using them on the regular basis. This Nokia device came up with some Google maps and Nokia maps providing facility for road navigation and path finder but you have to subscribe yourself for a monthly fee for using map services, the device is just simply about the business.

The gaming experience on this phone is great, downloading games is pretty much easier and gives you full entertainment of a real gaming experience. The phone has a trackpad for directional purposes as well as you can use them to play the best downloaded games. This nokia handset gives you the best speed internet facility with its built-in WLAN and the browsing experience will never be the same again. Full flash websites like and can be browse directly without going to mobile version of the website on this E71 device by nokia. You can use Wi-Fi connection but 3G speed on AT&T connections is very good and does not give you the much difference. The solid business device captured the attraction of the nokia phone users and also popular among the business class and reserved its corner in the cell phone market because of its great features like QWERTY keyboard, 3.2MP camera, GPS navigation, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology and much more.


(1). Complete business device and specially designed for manage business applications
(2).Addition of QWERTY keyboard makes it a perfect business phone.
(3).Auto-Completion feature added and helps to complete the word automatically as you type.
(4).The thinnest keyboard device at 10mm thickness.


(1).The display screen is smaller as compared with previous E series phones by Nokia
(2).The resolution stills the same at QVGA 320 x 240
(3).The camera performed poorly.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sony Ericsson C905

“Hands Up”, because the new Sony Ericsson Cyber shot phone by sony mobile phones is ready to make you capture your memories now with much crystal clear results. Sony Ericsson C905 is a new cyber shot camera phone with 8 mega pixel camera which gives crystal clear results for your image or video capturing and with 16x zoom option. This phone was announced on June, 2008 and the releasing date was October, 2008. The main features that c905 mobile ericsson cyber shot got are Camera Stabilizer, Red Eye Reduction, GPS Navigator with A GPS, supports 3G. This handsome phone has also some hidden qualities and features that are 2.4 Inch 262k TFT QVGA Color Screen (240 x 320 Pixels), Auto Focus, Xenon Flash, Video Stabilizer, Picture Blogging and much more.

This handset by mobile phones ericsson becomes so popular after ready to purchase because of its prominent feature of 8.1MP camera with 16x zoom option allows you to capture those scenes which you cannot focus with your eye-contact clearly. Image and video stabilizer is also added as a great feature to stabilize the camera shaking problem and give you the best out of it. For saving your memorable moments, this camera phone also comes with built-in 2GB storage memory and if you are full with bucket and not satisfy with it, you can also upgrade your memory by adding higher memory card as it gives you a memory card slot. Sharing and transfer your pictures, videos, documents or any other application to your fellow cell phone, you can easily do it with built-in feature of Bluetooth and USB cable which is already packed with the phone.

The internet facility is always be a problematic problem everywhere but now you can get fast, quick and reliable internet facility with the phones ericsson WLAN feature which provide great speed and always connect you to your friends, family and office colleagues. You can grab the best deals on this phone at; the best and always be the number one choice for online community to buy wireless products by them. One can get this handset with multi color options like Night Black, Ice Silver, Copper Gold and Tender Rose and you can get all these on great deals in one place that is

Some other features you might want to know about are Built-in GPS receiver, Google maps, Wayfinder Navigator 7, Camera images geo-tagging, FM radio with RDS, TrackID music recognition, TV out, Preloaded Organizer, Built-in hands free etc. The talk time and standby time of this phone are Up to 9h and Up to 380h. The sony ericsson phones always launch new technology cell phones.

Monday, February 9, 2009

HTC Touch Diamond

HTC setup a new platform for its Touch series with HTC Touch Diamond. Touch Diamond is announced on May, 2008 and also released in the same month of 2008. This HTC diamond has a 3.15 mega pixel camera along with secondary VGA camera for video call. Diamond Touch has a Touch FLO 3D finger run off with navigation, Accelerometer antenna for auto-rotate, propinquity feeler for auto turn-off and Touch-sensitive direction controls, Handwriting Recognition Software.

The diamonds phone with dimensions of 102 x 51 x 11.5 mm and affordable weight of 110g gives a sleek look and TFT touch screen with 65 thousand colors experiencing the best out of it. The touch screen of this phone is all in all because this phone lacks the feature of QWERTY keyboard and numpad, so all you can work out on this phone through your finger tips or the stylus. The wide screen of size 2.8 inches also gives you the quality taste and genuine experience of a big home TFT and who can taste out your favorite videos on the go.

Touch FLO 3D makes this htc smartphone a special piece by HTC as when you get your phone all in 3D mode then what else you want on your hand and might be called the thing just eye-catching. As far the expandability of the memory storage of this phone, one can only get the built-in 4GB memory space but firstly it’s kind a bit difficult to fulfill this space but in case if your GB fills, you can never have the expandability option in your hand so you should have stay with that.

HTC diamond uses Standard battery of Li-Ion 900mAh and the capacity it gives can be measure to its Talk time and Standby time of Up to 5h 30min and Up to 285h respectively. The diamond wholesale price is acceptable from the trustworthy suppliers and diamond price is also affordable for the HTV users.

Other core features include built-in GPS with A-GPS navigate your search the way you just command and always put you on the track you want to be on, you can always be update with stereo FM now with RDS feature with latest about everything no matters wherever you are, covering full version of pocket office completes your office work on the go and without any extra effort you can your work done while you are traveling and its including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and PDF Viewer all in one place you give you better service, MP3 Player always exist for the music crazers and also the voice quality is much improved this time, Voice Memo, Bluetooth with A2DP, Wi-Fi for one touch access of internet world on the finger tips.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

LG Rumor LX260

The new LG phone is suitable for those you really like to involve in text or picture messaging as LG Rumor LX260 is a complete CDMA messaging phone designed in really a simple way but when you come across its features then it really amaze you because it’s a dual pad phone; one is a simple keypad and other is a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Firstly you really not impressed by its design, features and looks but when you come to know about 1.3 mega pixel camera along with QWERTY keyboard then this simple phone will become a complete package for you and give you the complete satisfaction of a Smartphone. You will also notice about another great option and that is multi-angled screen viewing option.

As 1.3MP and QWERTY keyboard is only the main feature for this CMDA phone, so its enough for the user to get satisfied. The keys of the phone are slightly above the surface and it’s easy to use it. The two display screens option is really a great addition to this handset because the way it slides in and slides out automatically take the direction to give you the display in a way you hold the phone in your hand. When you slide out the phone, the messaging screen automatically appears because of the function of QWERTY keyboard and you can directly send any text, picture or sound messaging.

Rumor LX260 has a full featured organizer including all the small applications that one really need in regular basis such as Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, Notepad, Voice Memo and Wall Clock. Phone also equipped with some useful utilities like d-day counter and unit converter. Music player supporting MP3 and ACC files but there is no way of sorting the tracks and every track is played one by one. LG rumor is available in different colors like orange, grey, blue, and black and silver. On one of the sides of the phone you have the volume controller that can also be used for vibration handling and right down to it you have the camera button, on the other side you have the memory card slot that can be expandable to 4GB and above you will find a headphone jack. On the back you have a 1.3 MP camera and speakers along with the battery door.


(1).A very priceless CMDA phone feels like a Smartphone.
(2).A slide out QWERTY Keyboard
(3).You can print the pictures with Bluetooth printer.


(1).Camera performance is poor.
(2).Music player supports only MP3 and AAC files
(3).Web browsing experience is not much satisfactory

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