Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nokia 2608

Now-a-days low-end phones have rarely seen in online stores and people have might wonder that where the low-end phones whether introduced by Nokia or any other brands has gone? So the simplest answer can be seen from everyday’s release of high-end cell phones, but year 2009 also came with some ideas for nokia to launch some phones for the low-end phones users. Nokia 2608 is another arrival by Nokia company specially for the user who not only attracts by the inner specs of the phone but also give preferences to the outer interior of the handset and that is why 2608 handset gives you a unique design body in fuchsia color with a sleek line of pink color right in the center, the introduction not only ends here but this unique phone is also available in silver with green sleek line and in black color with blue sleek line.

Nokia is expected to launch this phone in the very first quarter of year 2009 but no words yet for the price have been seen. This cellphone has no mentionable specification as compare with other releases of nokia this month but some of the features include are modem, FM radio, Flashlight, voice recorder and extra or organizer.

This phone is special because it has a built-in modem which can be use to get your high speed internet facility anytime anywhere with no restriction and extra charge; FM radio is gifted for tune-up to your favorite channel on the go. Flashlight will help you to find stuff you are looking for in places where light not reached, so that is also a remarkable addition in this mobile. Capturing your memorable moments with your built-in voice recorder can be an extra quality for this cellular phone. Other small feature can be seen in Extras such as Alarm, Calculator, Calendar, Memo and other cool stuff, so all over this phone is a complete satisfaction for the low-end phone audience.

2608 by nokia is a flip phone with white color inside in fuchsia color outside with great specification. This phone is basically built for just simple handling your incoming/outgoing calls and sending/receiving text messages.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Flip Kickstart

Once again Blackberry presents its new 8220 pearl phone also famous with its second name "Kickstart" and this time it gives a new look to its phone and that is its flip feature, for the first time blackberry came up with a flip design and is currently available in your nearest T-Mobile stores. The new 8220 flip phone power packed with 2 mega pixel camera with digital zooming, video capturing experience, stereo Bluetooth technology support and convenient card slot system.

Rim's shining black in color flip phone provides an extra look to the personality and perfectly suited to one's lifestyle. This black shine with the combination of silver outline around the phone makes it look ideal cell phone for the business class. The phone is screened with two aspects: one can be seen from the outer when flip is closed and other is when flip it up, both gives an superfluous design to the phone.

As Blackberry is popular for its easily accessing QWERTY keyboard and this time it is also an additional facet for this mobile phone, easy text messaging, picture messaging and internet surfing will never be the same with its newly built-in-style QWERTY keyboard.

The main feature blackberry includes are flip design Smartphone, Wi-Fi with speedy internet browsing, 2mp camera with video recording and LED flash light Bluetooth support with 3.5mm headset jack, player for adding pictures, music and video with full screen playback, QVGA 2.4-inch screen, 128 MB of flash memory, built-in 256MB memory card extendable to 16GB for storing your favorite stuff, its weight is 3.6 oz and dimension of 3.9" x 1.96" x 0.68" and available in two dashing colors: one in pure black and the other one will be in red, rumors heard that it will also be available in pink in Canada in the near future.

Price will range in $350 to $450 varying to the price quoted by different online store but better is to ask with one of the customer support representative of T-Mobile by calling them to the center or email them.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sony Ericsson Ximini

The new year has started and it will also end like the other past years but this year many brands are going to launch their new cell phones with newest technologies, Sony Ericsson is also on the top list to take an other step in order to launch its new slider phone, Ximini. Its name sounds like manufacture is a Chinese but its not like that ximini is another great phone with new features and specification but its design (if someone sees) look like its previous model W850i as it slides up and down, the buttons and definitely the music passionate phone.

As Sony Ericsson Walkman series is always be the best choice for music lovers so ximini will be definitely the next hunt for their walkman mobile phone. This new sony ericsson featured with 1.8-Inch LCD screen with a 240x320 QVGA resolution, built-in 4GB storage memory, touch sensor and the most exciting feature is that you can enjoy full range of your favorite music and TV programs downloaded via television.

No price is tagged yet for this new ximini by sony ericsson and no further information is revealed but definitely fonicaupdating as always update you about only the wireless devices like cell phones as to provide you the accurate information online, so will update you about the new ximini in the next article in the near future.

The more valuable information is that you can catch your piece of Sony Ericsson's new Ximini in multi colors like blue, green, black, white and navy blue. As sony ericsson always launch its music or walkman series in white and black so this ximini is also be available in these two beautiful colors.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Samsung Innov8 i8510

Samsung's another great step with its new Innov8 i8510 cell phone but seems like inspired by Nokia N96, with same color and design no one can make a difference between this innov8 and n96 by nokia. Innov8 has a 8 mega pixel and this is only prominent feature that differ it from N96 otherwise everything is same, other features are 7.2Mbps HSDPA, EDGE, OS Symbian, Bluetooth stereo technology, Smart Reader, Image Stabilizer, Auto-Panorama Shot, Smile Shot, flicker Shot, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Face recognition, built-in 8GB storage, Music player, GPS technology.

The 8MP camera is added with dual LED flash light and display is 2.8” QVGA TFT LCD. This phone also packed with video player supporting many video formats like Divx: play your DVD quality content, WMA: windows media player content and MP4: which is also give better quality content picturization, also gives video editing feature best for the user who wants to edit their downloaded video content or captured video content. FM radio is added to this blockbuster phone by Samsung with RDS.

Music is always be the first and foremost feature that user always want the part of their phone and this mobile also gives you the best music format ever added to your own handset, this phone support MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, AMR and RealAudio music formats. Samsung i8510 has also equipped with GPS feature that gives an ease while on the road and always by your side to give you support to find your place.

Many handsets introduced by different cellular brands always add different and unique games to its handset but this time Samsung entrenched two new and user’s choice games named FIFA 2008 and Asphalt. This cellular phone has size of 106.5 x 53.9 x 17.2 mm, battery is also same and slimmer than nokia n96 that is 1200 mAh with great talk time and standby time of up to 300 / 510 min and up to 330 / 310 hrs respectively.

Price tagged for this phone is around $400 in US and around $600 in Singapore. Also this phone is sold in $800 in dubai.

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