Sunday, February 8, 2009

LG Rumor LX260

The new LG phone is suitable for those you really like to involve in text or picture messaging as LG Rumor LX260 is a complete CDMA messaging phone designed in really a simple way but when you come across its features then it really amaze you because it’s a dual pad phone; one is a simple keypad and other is a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Firstly you really not impressed by its design, features and looks but when you come to know about 1.3 mega pixel camera along with QWERTY keyboard then this simple phone will become a complete package for you and give you the complete satisfaction of a Smartphone. You will also notice about another great option and that is multi-angled screen viewing option.

As 1.3MP and QWERTY keyboard is only the main feature for this CMDA phone, so its enough for the user to get satisfied. The keys of the phone are slightly above the surface and it’s easy to use it. The two display screens option is really a great addition to this handset because the way it slides in and slides out automatically take the direction to give you the display in a way you hold the phone in your hand. When you slide out the phone, the messaging screen automatically appears because of the function of QWERTY keyboard and you can directly send any text, picture or sound messaging.

Rumor LX260 has a full featured organizer including all the small applications that one really need in regular basis such as Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, Notepad, Voice Memo and Wall Clock. Phone also equipped with some useful utilities like d-day counter and unit converter. Music player supporting MP3 and ACC files but there is no way of sorting the tracks and every track is played one by one. LG rumor is available in different colors like orange, grey, blue, and black and silver. On one of the sides of the phone you have the volume controller that can also be used for vibration handling and right down to it you have the camera button, on the other side you have the memory card slot that can be expandable to 4GB and above you will find a headphone jack. On the back you have a 1.3 MP camera and speakers along with the battery door.


(1).A very priceless CMDA phone feels like a Smartphone.
(2).A slide out QWERTY Keyboard
(3).You can print the pictures with Bluetooth printer.


(1).Camera performance is poor.
(2).Music player supports only MP3 and AAC files
(3).Web browsing experience is not much satisfactory


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