Friday, February 20, 2009

Nokia E63 Business SmartPhone

Yet another Nokia smart business device is E63 totally based on its previous E series version E71. The device is available in Ultramarine Blue and Ruby Red colors and has plastic body of 13mm. The nokia e63 was announced on November, 2008 and released on the very next month December, 2008. The only reason strike to my mind about the minimum difference of announcing and releasing date is the popularity of E series because it supports all the applications easily manageable and useful for business people. Features for this phone is almost same like nokia e71 such as QWERTY keyboard, MicroSD, 3G, Wi-Fi, Maps, Bluetooth etc. The only difference you can get in the camera of 2.0 mega pixel with LED flash and built-in ARM 11 369 MHz processor.

Unlike the Nokia E71, this E series handset has a headphone placement on the top of the phone body and designed like a plug that you have to pull it up and insert the headset into the jack The left side of the phone has a USB connector and a microSD card slot that gives you an option to increase your storage capacity up to 16GB. The bottom has nothing to mention except a port for charging the device with a Nokia original charger, the right side is totally empty. The back has a plastic cover body with a 2.0 mega pixel camera with LED flash lights, also allows you to do a video call, and also has a secure latch on the bottom for fixing and unfixing for phone battery.

The front facet of the device gives you the same feelings of nokia e71 with a nice glossy keyboard, a D-Pad for navigation, two soft keys for accepting and rejecting calls and four extra instantaneous one touch keys like Home, Calendar, Contacts and Email. The main screen of the phone has a same interface like E71 with all the instantaneous shortcut keys on the main. Comparing E63 with E71 you can clearly notice that e63 lacks the 3G internet speed and HSDPA download speed. E63 also lack the power off button on the top of the body unlike nokia e71 and in this case you have use the End Call button instead for power off and other features like changing profile put the phone on silence mode and lock the keypad etc but over all performance is good and act like totally designed for business class.


(1).Affordable price comparing with E71
(2).Plastic body cover prevent the finger touched spot unlike nokia e71
(3).Great speed ARM 369 MHz processor
(4).Nice looking glossy QWERTY keyboard.


(1).No Turn off Button on the top like nokia e71
(2).Low HSDPA downloads internet speed
(3).No GPS and FM Radio
(4).No USB cable added in the box.


r4i said...

none that i can think of. just cant access tmobile's 3g as the phone has 3g frequency band for ATT (850/1900) bands. tmobile operates on 1700/ 2100 bands

kPg said...

Did you know that this phone also comes in WHITE? It looks like a bar of soap, LOL! Anyway, I just got the BLACK one a few weeks ago. Wanna know what I think of the phone? Check out my Nokia E63 review. Thanks! :)

Business Mobile Phone said...

The Nokia Mobile is one of the best handsets that have their own demand in the market, but the new E series has got its familiarity very quick.

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