Monday, March 30, 2009

AT&T QuickFire

A phone with a giant screen can only be seen in china made cell phones but recently at t wireless came up with something that is really admirable because it has a big display Touchscreen and is known as AT&T Quickfire designed by UTstarcomm. This phone looks like a complete package for a messaging as it has a spacey QWERTY keyboard for text messaging, emailing etc. Right after the display screen you will see three hardware buttons, a send key, a menu application switcher key and an end key. Menu application key is used for accessing the main menu for further exploring the inner application of the phone.

The time you open the slider for qwerty keyboard and the way you work with text messaging and email messaging, you will definitely get the feeling of holding Motorola SideKick Slide as it is also has same looks. On the main interface of the at and t mobile you will get some Touchscreen buttons that will take you directly to the interface they are fixed for, the buttons are always be there on the main screen and they are for the main menu, dial pad, music player and accessing phone contacts.

In overall exterior of the quickfire phone, the display screen is the prominent one that attracts the user and thinks about having this phone right away, as you get some keys on the main screen and menu screen, you will also see some on the left hand side that is a volume toggle key but nothing along with the bottom. On the right and side of the handset you will see a dedicated camera button as well as a voice command key, on the top roof you will get a covered hatch and after removing the hatch you will get two ports for memory card slot and the phone charging and lastly on the back you will see only a 1.3 mega pixel camera there.

As you slide up the slider the phone automatically get the messaging interface for you and that is very awesome one to access directly the application you are going for. You can go for text messaging, email, instant messaging, address book etc. The keys on the QWERTY keyboard are really comfortable, truly responsive and considering the best messaging device at and t cell phones ever released.

AT&T Quickfire was released in the fourth quarter of year 2008 and is available in almost all the online stores, you can also have the quickfire accessories online, the best place to have your accessories collection is, the most reliable source of providing online electronic stuff so far. The price of at&t quickfire is $99.99 on a two year contract.


Anonymous said...

omg your so cool love that phone and lets power this bad boy up !!! :]

Anonymous said...

um sir this phone has been out 4 a while in america!!!

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