Friday, March 6, 2009

LG 3G TouchScreen Watch Phone

The fully functional 3G Watch phone is out by LG Company at CES 2009 in Canada. The LG watch by lg cellular is the world’s first 3G Touchscreen phone. The phone has a pure leather strap and one side has it all button for a workout with the phone. There are three buttons on the right side of the watch, the top one is for taking calls, the bottom one is for cancelling calls and the middle one is usually use for cancelling or removing text while writing something. The middle button gives another access to the user and that is if you hold the middle button, it will turn on the voice recognition feature.

The best part of the phone is making and receiving calls. Making calls from this watch phone will be a great and off course a new experience for the users using the boring style of daily use of normal mobile phones, it gives you a small screen of 61 x 39 x 13.9mm with the iPhone keypad style to dial a number with or you can easily activate the voice recognition feature to dial a number. When the voice recognition activation you will firstly say “Call” so the phone itself get the command and then at that you will say your desired number, the tape will play with guidance confirms the number from you and it will make a call for you.

Receiving calls on the watch phone is also a great feature, whenever you get a call, all you need to do is to press the accept button on the screen which activates itself whenever you get a call on your watch phone. The music on the watch phone is completely undeniable and gives you a complete satisfaction of having a full fledge phone.

The main screen of the watch phone gives you Dialing, Contacts, Tools, Music, Messaging and Settings options. There is a camera on the top of the screen basically for having video calls; it will show the picture of the caller you are talking with as well as your own picture is there at corner. The phone is Bluetooth enabled and also packed with Bluetooth headset, which is primary accessory for taking calls. On the back there is charging port but this time the phone comes with a different way of charging, it comes with a charging cradle on which you will put your phone for a charge and that’s we complete call our phone lg wireless. We cannot say that this phone is available in online stores as a cheap phone. The battery gives a Standby time of 247 hours which is quite impressive.


Anonymous said...

I dont think so it wil work.

Long time we were getting calcualor in watch and canot get sucess

Same way to make phone call using watch is not easy i think ......But still LG did a good try .

Anonymous said...

That product seem good and LG technology make life more easy, LG technology giving a very good product (watch phone) in market and its battery time quite impressive. I like this product. If you have any more information about this product, share with me its my Email address

shaun3230 said...

screen looks smallish...

Some China brand has a watch phone too

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