Monday, March 30, 2009

Motorola Stature I9

The slim and sleek phone is said to be out and is Motorola Stature I9. Motorola stature i9 is announced in February 2nd 2009 and soon will be available in the market. This phone has a 3.1 mega pixel camera and uses iDEN boost network. This handset is a clamshell phone with a sleek look and has a thickness like a coin. The main features includes the dual display option, Touchscreen keypad and D-pad, Bluetooth, memory card slot, camera auto focus, flash etc.

The dual display of the phone allows you to use the phone without opening the flip, you can use almost complete features of the phone from outside the flip whether it is playing music or using the camera feature. On the opening the flipper you will get the Touchscreen keypad and d-pad which gives a shiny look and add more grace to the phone. The outer side of the phone gives 2 inches display screen control by a button on one of its sides.

While checking out the entire cell phone interior you will get some shortcut keys on the left hand side of the phone including speaker phone key, push to talk key and volume controller key, nothing concerned with the bottom part, right hand side have some more keys including dedicated camera button along with switch lock and switcher or On and Off button on the top of the body.

Working with the phone without pulling up the flipper will give another exciting experience with some features like you can use your music player and controlling every next track with Touchscreen buttons, Camera option can also be use without opening the phone and enlightened some more keys for camera option, the prominent are flash key that makes flash light kick off, camera switcher that makes the camera switch to video mode and can get back to picture mode upon the hitting the same button again and zoom in and out button.

Opening the flip will gives a same feelings like holding a Blackberry Pearl Flipper at a first glance but blackberry flipper is much heavier than this moto phone but it looks seems like inspired by pearl flip phone. You can customize your phone in a way to access its shortcut keys in your own way, the four directional keys on the d-pad have already assigned shortcut keys but you can also change them according to your own need.

This sleek and slim phone by Nextel is available on different online stores at the price of $399.99 without any contract but still there is an option to get this phone with a 2-years contract with affordable price.


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