Monday, March 2, 2009

Updated Nokia 5800 Review

Nokia continues the story of launching great phones and this time with Nokia 5800: the music phone proved its power to have the ability to change the technology time by time and is also one of its magnificent mobile devices that have so many features with which one can definitely fulfill his needs. Nokia 5800 is also known as XpressMusic phone which gives the user the real meaning of music sensation, announced at the beginning of October, released in November and is a mid-range phone specially designed for music lover and the users who never wish to get out of music world. The main features this nokia 5800 possess are 3.2 mega pixel camera with auto focus Carl Zeiss lens and flash LED, running with edition 9.4 on symbian operating system, integrated GPS for easy navigation, Wi-Fi and memory card slot with built-in 8GB of storage space.

This handset provide the user a 3.2 inches wide screen with a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels that gives a taste of home theatre LCD, you can use multi angles to view the best picturization at your ease, also this handset allows you enter text or browsing experience with multi hands like it has a basic keypad, a stylus and a plectrum stylus with which you can have one touch access to your final destination within your mobile phone. With integrated GPS you can easily track your path with nokia’s own maps and finding way with this built-in GPS will never be the same again with this new nokia’s device. For a quick internet connectivity and faster browsing experience, Nokia also equipped Wi-Fi with this phone which gives fast access to internet without plugging any wires like the case with your PC and no matter where you stand on the globe. Other small features include Bluetooth connectivity, memory card slot which is also extendable, Handwriting Recognition, EDGE technology and USB cable.

You can buy your Nokia Xpressmusic at the most reliable and trustworthy online store for wireless devices. Also you can have the nokia 5800 in different unique colors of your choice and is available in three beautiful colors: Red, Blue and Black. Fm radio is also equipped with this phone for the users who really want them to be up to date with the latest information on the spot. The music section of this phone accepts almost all the audio formats and there is also an option to make a full album of your audio music and videos on the go. The price for this phone is ranging from $350 to $392 for the unlocked piece.


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