Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Samsung i770 Saga

You heard about saga cruises, but a phone with a length is a new Samsung Saga by Verizon. Samsung Saga is announced on November, 2008 and was available on the same month November, 2008 and now still ruling the cellular market. You can call by different names as it is a QWERTY keyboard phone, a Touchscreen phone, a 3G phone. Features including 2 MP camera, 1600x1200 pixels with video calling option, Bluetooth, 3G 802.11 Wi-Fi, Stylus, Opera Mobile Preinstalled, Windows Mobile and many other. It seems that this phone is a complete package for the business class as it gives overall satisfaction guaranteed.

Samsung saga appeared to be a full fledged phone like other samsung mobile phones but with a little bit length but comparing this with its feature makes it completing ignorable. It has a switch off button on the top of the handset along with 2.5mm headset jack. On the left you will find a volume controller button and a lock switch, there is nothing for the bottom side but you will get a camera button on the right hand side of the phone and up to this there is charger jack or you can also use it as data cable jack. Take your Saga on saga holidays.

Verizon packed so many thing for the user in the box, first of all you will get the handset itself, there will be a data cable, wall charger with three kinds of plug (you will definitely get the full information about three plugs added in the box); there will be an Australian power plug adapter, European power plug adapter and a UK power plug adapter, you will also get manuals with three CDs for different user purposes (also get the information about the CDs in the manuals).

Opera browser is preinstalled for opera lovers on this samsung phone. This phone is really gives you home based desktop look and rarely remind you that you are working on a cell phone as there will be proper mouse pad controller the mouse cursor moving on the screen, one thing that you can also customize your cursor with preloaded cursors of your choice. You will also get some shortcut keys on your qwerty keyboard for Music, Silent Mode and messaging which is quite nice and easy to access these application in much quicker time.

This phone is a bit in length as compare to other PDA or window mobiles but it also fits in your pocket and it’s already fully tested, person wearing jeans can easily put the cellular in his pocket. This phone is available currently in almost all the reliable online stores. The price of this phone is around $449.99 without any contract but if you want to be in contract then your price will be $269.99 with 2-yr contract.


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haha I just read one of your articles, on "A4 Folders" at the web site of the US Commerce Association (http://www.us-ca.org/Articles.aspx), a bogus operation that sends out "awards" to people in hopes they will buy one. Anyway it's hilarious that you actually got paid to write an article on "folders" I am a writer as well. Good luck!

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