Friday, April 3, 2009

HTC Magic

Slim and sleek device with 3.2 mega pixel camera is the new Magic by HTC. The display screen is pretty bigger in size but this is not a new story as all the previous models by HTC came in the same screen version. HTC Magic came in pure white color and adds a grace to your personality especially to the business class while holding it in your hands. This phone was announced in February 2009 and expected release in April 2009.

The phone got a trackball and some hardware keys on the main to get the phone on working condition and after a click you will get the full access to the phone and its inside features. You will get three main screen windows and they are totally customizable, you can the windows according to your needs and requirement and hide the unnecessary items and you can also add useful gadgets and applications on each of your three main windows.

HTC Magic is an android phone and has a Wi-Fi technology that gives pretty fast internet speed. The scrolling and zooming within page is also very quick and fast and you will definitely find it useful for accessing your online application with no time span. The phone also comes with Bluetooth technology, MicroSD card slot, hand-recognition software, accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate and many more.

One of the unique features of this android device is its onscreen keyboard and the keys are very clear and convenient for writing purposes. The phone is totally
Based on Touchscreen system and am afraid to write about this huge multi-function device that stylus or any other navigational instrument for browsing phone functions is not available with the phone and you have to use your hands and finger tips to access applications and simple browsing.

The handset also equipped with preloaded GPS maps so you can easily access your locations and navigate your way while you are on travel. Its not wonder why the manufacturer named it magic because it has many functions and features to use that it feels like someone spell a magic and this phone comes into existence. The home screen of htc magic has a navigational bar that gives alerts and informs about the current status of the phone like your incoming messages, missed call alerts and voice mails etc.

The cell phone has a very smart, sleek and fast interface that gives quick results on every click you made. You can also have an option to change the background image to your favorite one and some of them are preloaded in the phone so you can have them anytime if you get bore having the same one. As this phone is expected to be released in April 2009 so the price is not revealed yet but will update on the price the time I get the information.


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Silver MLM said...

What phone should i buy the samsung i7500 galaxy or the HTC Magic?

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