Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 Review

Major device come to AT&T is the new Nokia Lumia 900; attractive device looks good feels good. It’s a little bit bulkier than some bit bigger other devices but not too heavy feels good in the hand, the poly carbonate back which is soft but also it also can keep up with scratches and drops, comes with 8 megapixel camera takes great pictures and has a really nice operating system for taking pictures.

Inside you have got single core snapdragon processor at 1.4 GHz, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and you also have of 4G LTE on AT&T blazing fast, 16 GB of storage and all the other goodies you expect. Certainly you have never seen Windows phone as you notice it's actually very stylized platform can do pretty much everything. Your standard contact list is the source of aggregation for your social networks like Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn thinking just use this app to update all of those at once if you want or you can just download individual apps.

You have multiple mail accounts you can combine them, Internet Explorer nine is a good browser you have all the pinch to zoom you expect, HTML 5 support, know that you can also hold down a multitasking if you hold down the back button which was complained with previous versions of Windows phone or business phone like Nokia E63 or Nokia E71, live calendar which can also be displayed on your lock screen. Windows marketplace a store for your video and music needs of both playback buying.

Couple of things on this device is that you have got customized ESPN that comes with these noted devices, this mobile phone comes preloaded with some AT&T software, as I mentioned before the 4G LTE blazing fast, tango preloaded as well for video calls and it works well because it's cross-platform.

This is the only mobile platform that has the full version of office on it which is great if you need to edit documents so just notice check out a couple of things. This is also the only mobile platform with Xbox live where you can sign in with your account you can do cross-platform gaming and then you can also go to play some games, this is a very refreshing as it's nice and clean. On the downside the app selection is still not quite as good as android or IOS and it's missing some major apps like Pandora which normally users use all the time was also somewhat unclear update schedule on this one and if you're the kind who cares about having the latest and greatest inspects this one might not be the one for you.

Overall this is a very nice device from Nokia and AT&T and at the price that they're offering it is at the steel but still the price of Nokia Lumia 900 in US without the hectic burden of contract is $565 but no doubt a little more research on price can lead you to even more good prices and discounts, anyways prices in other countries are as follows:

Nokia Lumia Price in UK                   £499
Nokia Lumia Price in Canada             $545
Nokia Lumia Price in Australia           $899
Nokia Lumia Price in India                 Rs. 30990
Nokia Lumia Price in Pakistan            Rs. 52000


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