Thursday, November 8, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

The most anticipated phone of the year is Samsung Galaxy S3, the major factor of being considered to be the most anticipated phone of the year is that according to Wikipedia 2012 Survey Samsung sold 30 million units in just first 100 days. Before I list out the entire features this phone has over all, I would like to present some major features and one of them is its big resolution screen of 4.8 inches, 1.9MP front facing camera, notification sign, and ambient light on the top of it. Below we have Home button surrounded capacitive menu and back keys, on the side as usual we have volume adjustment keys but very rare to see the power unlock key on the right side as we usually see it on the top of the phone next to charging port so this is actually a fair new thing to see as a change. It comes with 8MP camera and external micro SD card facility to fill up the space up to 64GB.

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 measures the enormous 4.8 inches and has the resolution of 720p x 1280 meaning that it has the HD resolution screen which is used here usually characterized with incredible saturated colors and the great contrast levels which makes perfect if you consume multimedia videos and games. On the other hand you won’t be much happy to see the screen because its color temperature is bit a colder outside and colors can be too saturated to be real but the good thing that Samsung has brought on his Smartphone is that you can easily adjust color saturation in the screen mode from the options given in settings from the main screen of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with the latest android 4.0.4 version but on the top of it you will find the latest touch screen effects like always android come up inspired by nature, if you check your wallpaper that is currently on your main screen and upon knocking the screen you will the ripples it beautifully creates and the attractive voice it creates that looks pretty cool. Other nature inspired elements of this software are found with some pretty cool option for example Smart Stay feature and what it does is to use the front facing camera of the device to track your eyes in a way that it determines whether or not you are looking at the screen and by this it knows to keep the screen on or turn it off. It is kind of the same feature in iPhone but the only difference is that it keeps track from your eyes but iPhone keeps track from your ears.


The price of Samsung Galaxy S3 without any headache of being bound with contract is $699.99 and if you want contract then the price starts from $199.99. Have a look below for the price in other countries:

UK                         £500
Canada                   $589.99
Australia                  $519
India                        Rs. 32k
Pakistan                   Rs. 59k


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