Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Review


Wednesday, July 6

This is an exciting moment to present to you the prototype of the Sony Xperia Arc. It’s the coolest designed phone by Xperia Family. In the mid section of the phone you can see that it is slimmest Smartphone available in the market, just a third of an inch thick 8.7 mm which was a little bit in both ends make the profile arched and make the phone classes it off. The back cover use in gradient colors and comes in two color flavors; one is the midnight blue version and the other is in midst silver color, the body is made entirely of plastic so that makes it very light and it does not of cheap material as the plastic used on it is of high quality.

Sony Ericsson managed to fit the 8 megapixel camera censored with LED flash in the thickest part on the top and that's why you have to be careful on when taking shots not covering the lens with your fingers and on the top of that the camera key here is pretty small so you have to hold it with both hands but is a good thing since the photos comes out blurred the display screen is 4.3 capacitive and the resolution is 480 x 854 pixels but we have one complain that we look the phone screen from the sides the colors and brightness degrades to a great extent but due to its 4.3 size you won’t feel anything bad about this handset.
Sony hasn't thrown its mobile broadband engine which comes directly from the flat screen TVs has the colors and sharpness when you're looking at pictures or watching video is also grumbling about the honorable addition on this hand out and no doubt Sony phones are really famous for the sound they produce, the picture quality they gives always remains on the top.

The main home screen has built-in function to put together all the applications when you pinch in the screen and then you can choose your required module to open without finding it here and there. There are four tabs option to open some particular application directly from the home screen; the fifth will take you to the menu option where you can see all your applications. You can also customize your application and sort them according to your requirement. One of the good things in this phone is the integration of social networks to your phone book contacts, now you can directly check the profile of social networking site from your contact.

The browsing experience is never going to be the same again as the soft touch and smooth scrolling makes it a reliable phone, the zoom in and out function is pretty cool, the 8 mega pixel camera has now many options to use while using camera for taking shots or making videos out of it. There are 6 optic modes and other picture setting modes available in this Smartphone. Above all the price of Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is just according to the budget of your wallet and it won’t make in confusion to shop it as it gives so much for the price you are going to take out of your wallet. The price of Xperia Arc in US is approximately $449.99 but you can surely get some discounts, now look at the prices of this phone in other countries:

Price of Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc in UK                      £459.99
Price of Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc in Canada                $325
Price of Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc in Australia              $399
Price of Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc in India                    Rs. 18999
Price of Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc in Pakistan               Rs. 36000

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 Review

Major device come to AT&T is the new Nokia Lumia 900; attractive device looks good feels good. It’s a little bit bulkier than some bit bigger other devices but not too heavy feels good in the hand, the poly carbonate back which is soft but also it also can keep up with scratches and drops, comes with 8 megapixel camera takes great pictures and has a really nice operating system for taking pictures.

Inside you have got single core snapdragon processor at 1.4 GHz, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and you also have of 4G LTE on AT&T blazing fast, 16 GB of storage and all the other goodies you expect. Certainly you have never seen Windows phone as you notice it's actually very stylized platform can do pretty much everything. Your standard contact list is the source of aggregation for your social networks like Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn thinking just use this app to update all of those at once if you want or you can just download individual apps.

You have multiple mail accounts you can combine them, Internet Explorer nine is a good browser you have all the pinch to zoom you expect, HTML 5 support, know that you can also hold down a multitasking if you hold down the back button which was complained with previous versions of Windows phone or business phone like Nokia E63 or Nokia E71, live calendar which can also be displayed on your lock screen. Windows marketplace a store for your video and music needs of both playback buying.

Couple of things on this device is that you have got customized ESPN that comes with these noted devices, this mobile phone comes preloaded with some AT&T software, as I mentioned before the 4G LTE blazing fast, tango preloaded as well for video calls and it works well because it's cross-platform.

This is the only mobile platform that has the full version of office on it which is great if you need to edit documents so just notice check out a couple of things. This is also the only mobile platform with Xbox live where you can sign in with your account you can do cross-platform gaming and then you can also go to play some games, this is a very refreshing as it's nice and clean. On the downside the app selection is still not quite as good as android or IOS and it's missing some major apps like Pandora which normally users use all the time was also somewhat unclear update schedule on this one and if you're the kind who cares about having the latest and greatest inspects this one might not be the one for you.

Overall this is a very nice device from Nokia and AT&T and at the price that they're offering it is at the steel but still the price of Nokia Lumia 900 in US without the hectic burden of contract is $565 but no doubt a little more research on price can lead you to even more good prices and discounts, anyways prices in other countries are as follows:

Nokia Lumia Price in UK                   £499
Nokia Lumia Price in Canada             $545
Nokia Lumia Price in Australia           $899
Nokia Lumia Price in India                 Rs. 30990
Nokia Lumia Price in Pakistan            Rs. 52000

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Review

Look at the iPhone 5 Apple's latest entry into the Smartphone market and perhaps the best iPhone ever. The Design of the phone may look familiar to you uses essentially the same body shape and components as the previous iPhone 4S for asked but the build of the phone is completely new, while the design is an iteration of the previous version it's kind of built from the ground up with the new processes and new materials and in a new funky style and the phone does look different when you get up close and personal with it. It's thinner little bit taller because got a bigger screen and the entities using some new materials but you've also got this new aluminum back which feels a lot better in the hand and presumably is harder to break a piece of glass.

The Phone is also lighter than the previous version. It's actually a lot lighter and smaller even though it's a little bit taller the width is exactly the same as the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 so typing on it won't seem weird or awkward for most people.

Apple's move the location of the headphone jack to the bottom of the phone and it sits next to the new lightning dock connector which replaces the 30 pin port that was on every previous version of the iPhone, the main reason for this is that it takes up less space it's a much smaller jack in fact it's about the size of a micro USB port but surely it will rile a lot of owners of accessories. Apple does make an adapter that you can stick in here that will take it from lightning to 30 pin though does lose some functionality such as iPod control.

Inside the box Apple has bundled their new ear buds they call ear pods which they said spent three years working on, generally they do sell little better than the old versions they're very bass heavy even if and not completely pushed deep into your ear, on the front of the phone is that new 4 inch display which is 1136 x 640 it's a retina display has the same pixel density as the previous version, next to the older phone a definite looks a lot better and even compared to terrific screens like the HTC WiMAX display it stands out is possibly the best looking display on the market right now. It actually perplexing as to why they made the screen larger because there's nothing in iOS 6 there really seems to be taking advantage of it.

Apple says the phone has been completely revamped as well there is a new 86 chip LTE on Verizon Sprint and AT&T here in the US and in lots of other places around the world of larger battery which Apple claims get better battery life. The camera has been improved a bit as well, it's an 8 megapixel camera which is what the 4S had but Apple claims the optic has been improved and the front facing camera has now 1.2 megapixel HD camera that 720P not 1080 and you can do HD face time calls with it as well along with the iPhone 5 Apple has introduced the latest version of its operating system IOS 6.

The iPhone 5 is without question the best iPhone ever made and for the mass-market it's the best Smartphone on the market but there is a segment of the market that would like to see smart phones and Smartphone OSs really evolve and really try to innovate and at this point I don't delay apples really doing that with the iPhone.

At last definitely you are looking for the price of this new smartphone. Well the price in US without contract is $649.99 approximately but there are many other online stores where you can get this phone for a huge discount. Other prices are as follows:

Apple iPhone Price in UK                               £529
Apple iPhone Price in Canada                         $699
Apple iPhone Price in Australia                       $799
Apple iPhone Price in India                             Rs. 45,500
Apple iPhone Price in Pakistan                        Rs. 98,500

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

The most anticipated phone of the year is Samsung Galaxy S3, the major factor of being considered to be the most anticipated phone of the year is that according to Wikipedia 2012 Survey Samsung sold 30 million units in just first 100 days. Before I list out the entire features this phone has over all, I would like to present some major features and one of them is its big resolution screen of 4.8 inches, 1.9MP front facing camera, notification sign, and ambient light on the top of it. Below we have Home button surrounded capacitive menu and back keys, on the side as usual we have volume adjustment keys but very rare to see the power unlock key on the right side as we usually see it on the top of the phone next to charging port so this is actually a fair new thing to see as a change. It comes with 8MP camera and external micro SD card facility to fill up the space up to 64GB.

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 measures the enormous 4.8 inches and has the resolution of 720p x 1280 meaning that it has the HD resolution screen which is used here usually characterized with incredible saturated colors and the great contrast levels which makes perfect if you consume multimedia videos and games. On the other hand you won’t be much happy to see the screen because its color temperature is bit a colder outside and colors can be too saturated to be real but the good thing that Samsung has brought on his Smartphone is that you can easily adjust color saturation in the screen mode from the options given in settings from the main screen of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with the latest android 4.0.4 version but on the top of it you will find the latest touch screen effects like always android come up inspired by nature, if you check your wallpaper that is currently on your main screen and upon knocking the screen you will the ripples it beautifully creates and the attractive voice it creates that looks pretty cool. Other nature inspired elements of this software are found with some pretty cool option for example Smart Stay feature and what it does is to use the front facing camera of the device to track your eyes in a way that it determines whether or not you are looking at the screen and by this it knows to keep the screen on or turn it off. It is kind of the same feature in iPhone but the only difference is that it keeps track from your eyes but iPhone keeps track from your ears.


The price of Samsung Galaxy S3 without any headache of being bound with contract is $699.99 and if you want contract then the price starts from $199.99. Have a look below for the price in other countries:

UK                         £500
Canada                   $589.99
Australia                  $519
India                        Rs. 32k
Pakistan                   Rs. 59k

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